C    O    N    S    U    L    T    I    N    G        G    R    O    U    P

R  E  N  E  W  E  D        P  R  O  P  E  R  T  I  E  S        G  R  O  U  P


C   O   R   P   O   R   A   T    E      C   I   T   I   Z   E   N   S   H   I   P

Green Lab Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Lab Holdings.

Green Lab Holdings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imaculence, Inc..

The Lords of the Dragon Memorandum is a project initiated by Imaculence Corporate Citizenship Group.

Lords of the Dragon is a genuine solution, and the new dimension in reducing crime and recidivism.

Lords of the Dragon is the new frontier for accountable, self-funding community and social organizations that serve the demographic of formerly incarcerated persons and those who are on a path to substance recovery.

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