C    O    N    S    U    L    T    I    N    G        G    R    O    U    P

Capitalizing on

Media Horsepower

The 2000 Presidential Election*

The following series of ads were placed in major metropolitan business newspapers, and mailed as postcards to the company’s customer and prospecting database over a six-week period up until the 2000 presidential election.

The campaign was a satire that capitalized on the enormous media horsepower created when Vice President Al Gore [allegedly] stated that he invented the Internet.

The company was awarded

Best of Business

2000 Best Marketing Campaign

* This advertising campaign was conceived, designed, implemented and executed by Imaculence Consulting Personnel.

The last advertisement of the series was placed in metropolitan newspapers and mailed as post cards within a week after the election, capitalizing upon the phenomenal amount of media pertaining to the election ballot fiasco in Florida.

For that final “Butterfly Ballot” ad, the company was featured in numerous news media, including the front page of The Daily Reporter.


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